New Wine List Focuses on Sustainability

We’re proud to announce that after a lot of hard work and research (read: drinking), J. Wilson’s has updated its wine list.   The result is a compendium of wines that are “triple-filtered,” our own term for meeting three standards: a good price, wine that over-performs for the price, and meets a minimum standard of sustainable production.  93% of our list is sustainable, organic, biodynamic.  Check it out here

With the use a special device called the “Coravin,” we’re able to serve nearly our entire list of more than forty wines by the glass.  The device works by replacing the wine in the bottle with the non-reactive gas, Argon, through a needle which punctures the cork.  The wine is therefore preserved for a much greater period of time.

We’ve added a wine-on-tap system as well!  Our District 7 Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir come to us in 20 Liter, fully-recyclable, plastic kegs.  Nitrogen is pumped in to replace the wine as it flows out, preserving it from the deteriorating effect of oxygen.  Wine in kegs drastically reduces packaging costs for the winery, transport costs due to the weight of glass, and reduces the carbon footprint of the wine.  Combine that with sustainable growing methods, and you’ve got a wine that’s great for the earth and saves you money!  Come in for happy hour, when we reduce the price of these tap wines, and essentially get this wine by the glass for half of what you’d pay for it if it came in bottles.  Cheers!

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